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Adventist HealthCare Utilizes ByteGrid's Compliant Colocation

Adventist_Case_Study_icon.pngAdventist HealthCare is a nationally recognized, top-performing hospital system that delivers quality evidence-based care to the Washington, D.C. Area.

When they decided to look for an outsourced complaint colocation solution to their IT infrastructure needs, their research and evaluation led them to ByteGrid.

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If you’ve ever wanted to know how a massive healthcare organization with more than 6,000 employees and 2,000 physicians solved their HIPAA compliance issues with a highly collaborative approach, you’ll enjoy reading ByteGrid’s new case study “Adventist HealthCare: Growth and Business Momentum Fueled by Highly Compliant and Flexible Hosting Platform.”

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Inside you’ll find how ByteGrid took a unique approach to helping Adventist HealthCare solve their HIPAA compliance colocation hosting requirements.

Not only is ByteGrid’s solution highly complaint, but it’s incredibly flexible and scalable to accommodate Adventist HealthCare’s rapid business and physical growth.

Get insight into how compliant colocation can benefit you today.

If you’re interested in a compliant colocation hosting solution that is completely HIPAA compliant, has extensive uptime and availability, and can scale your solution with the flexibility you want and need, you should download this case study today.

Inside you’ll find the details of the solution and why Adventist HealthCare chose ByteGrid from all of the other data centers.

Find out why Christopher Ghion, Chief Information Officer for Adventist HealthCare, said:

“ByteGrid’s validated national platform and ability to provide the highest levels of compliance is becoming well documented. What surprised us was their hi-touch approach and willingness to understand our requirements and growth strategy before engaging in the sales process.”

Download your copy today of “Adventist HealthCare: Growth and Business Momentum Fueled by Highly Compliant and Flexible Hosting Platform.”